Sunday, June 3, 2012


I hope everybody is having a fantastic Jubilee bank holiday weekend! I myself started the weekend by buying myself a new denim tie-dye shirt in Topshop and going down to Hoxton, I had some fantastic Vietnamese food and then I went to Hoxton Bar & Kitchen were I got suddenly homesick by seeing my English friends randomly drinking an Icelandic beer called Einstök! At least I have got a flight ticket to Iceland in the end of July for 2 weeks of summer holiday :)

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I went on a mission to see the Queen today, took the tube to London Bridge and there were so many people there. I couldn't get to the river bank because everything was closed which was a bummer. So I went home to watch the whole thing on TV. Why stand in the rain and watch some outdoor screen if you can do it at home. There were no shockers in the Royal party outfits but I do think Kate looked wonderful in a red ensemble and my respect to them standing for 4 hours waving!

I have to admit, since I moved to London I have bought a few Look magazines where Kate is on the cover. I guess it's becoming a weakness although I don't believe everything that's written about her but I do like to watch what she is wearing sometimes (note: sometimes.. not everyday!).