Sunday, February 26, 2012


Monki is a high street brand from Sweden and it has been pretty exclusive to Scandinavia over the past years. But finally, they opened a store in London at Carnaby Street! I didn't manage to come to the opening because I was working but I went today and it so awesome. The store is on 2 floors, it's got fabulous branding and merchandising and I literally want to buy every single item. They have this great concept of the Monki World which has really cute creatures called Monkis. The clothing is really cool, always on trend and reasonably priced. Even though it's not yet pay day I had to buy a couple of things!

Oki creature, Oki socks and Monki bra.

How cute is that? The Monki is called Oki and this is his description:

"Oki loves to tag along on impossible missions and he always makes sure that no one gives up. If you are looking for a shot of confidence, or a convenient answer, Oki will boost you up.
Secret talent: Can come up with the perfect cheer song just when you need one."

Buy yours here!

There are definitely some pieces I have my eyes on for pay day!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Root

You know when you have dyed hair and you just can't afford to get it dyed anytime soon? Then maybe it's best to rock the root like Sally Jonsson here.

Rodeo Magazine. Photo by Tobias Lundkvist. More pics here.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Elie Saab

I know everybody's thinking about London Fashion Week right now but I found myself looking at Elie Saab haute couture yesterday. I've seen all the dresses before but they are just so gorgeous that I want to see the details and the fabric and getting inspired because I am designing a wedding dress for a singer. I wish I could show you guys my sketches and inspiration but it's all top secret for now. But what I can do, is show you some great dresses. Elie Saab is the master of effortless and elegant dresses and when I see his collections every single outfit is just lovely.

Spring 2012 - Haute Couture
The colours are so beautiful and the details!

Katy Perry wearing Elie Saab, Spring 2012 collection.

Jessica Biel wearing Elie Saab, Fall 2011 collection.

This last dress is my absolute favourite. It's modern yet vintage, effortless yet grand.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First workday!

I'm terribly sorry for being a lazy blogger these past few days but there have been some huge changes in my daily life because I got a job as a design assistant for a supplier here in London. I'm over the moon about this so I will definitely be working hard for some time which is exciting because then I will be learning a lot and getting into my job. I will also try to be a good blogger and keep on posting interesting posts about current trends and what's happening in the fashion world. But the posts will be fewer, I'm not going to lie!

On a more personal note I decided to put together some kind of an image of what I wore today, for my first workday!

1. Cardigan by Jades 23.
2. Blouse by A.P.C.
3. Jeans by Topshop.
4. Socks by Topshop.
5. Shoes by Grenson.

I will be the first one to admit I didn't take many chances but I believe I was classy, on trend and with a twist! The actual blouse that I wore didn't really fit into this "moodboard" because the girl modelling it on the website doesn't really have the styling that I like. It's from Forever 21 and you can get it here. It looks much better in real life and I got so many compliments for it today!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

House of Holland

I've been a fan of Henry Holland for a couple of years now and more after I moved to London. One of the first things I ever saw by him were the T-shirts with the writing on it, like "I'm a tosser for Coco Rocha." I wanted that shirt so bad (I'm a big fan of Rocha) but I guess it had sold out when I finally saw it. Then the other day I saw he's going to be speaking at a V&A event in March and I really wanted to go but I was too lazy getting tickets right away so of course it sold out before I got the chance to get my hands on them! But I love his design and I've been wearing the House of Holland tights (like these and these) lately. They are super thin so you can't exactly wear them a LOT but the times I wore them everybody noticed!

He showed at London Fashion Week today and I love the colours and the prints. This is a collection I think the modern girl would wear but maybe not the flare trousers (not shown here), at least I'm not quite ready for that. But it's pretty good for someone who studied journalism!

Henry Holland, as any popular designer has done a collaboration with the high street. Henry's with Debenhams and calls it H! by Henry Holland and there are definitely some cute pieces there for under 30 pounds! Some things unfortunately just look cheap and plain! But I have my eye on this dress.

Friday, February 17, 2012

NYFW Part 2

New York Fashion Week is over and I think there was a definite trend of bold colours (red!) and I think I saw colourful fur in at least 3 different collections which was a bit surprising but a fun twist.

Victoria Beckham. Very consistent, trying to prove herself without looking desperate. Simple cuts and nice colours.

ThreeAsFour. Origami feel of the patterns. Light colours.

Marchesa. Nice detail work and dramatic gowns.

Jeremy Scott. Colourful fur and comical knitwear.

Calvin Klein showing dark colours this season mixed with leather.

Anna Sui. In 2009 I was an intern at Anna Sui in New York for about 5 weeks and met such great people there. Anna herself is very serious about her work but she has a nice side to her. I wasn't super impressed by her latest collection but there were some nice outfits there and she is always true to herself, her concept of the brand and doesn't follow trends so much. These were my 3 favourite outfits from the collection.