Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paris Fashion Week

Sorry for no posts recently, I've been working a lot and got ill so I've been sleeping for unthinkable hours and feeling like crap. Hope this goes over soon because spending my precious weekend ill is not what I was planning.

Paris Fashion Week is almost over and Paris always has the best shows. If you have succeeded as a designer anywhere in the world, you want to show in Paris. These are my favourite looks from Paris.

Gareth Pugh
What a fantastic designer. He is one of my all time favourite designers because he makes everything so cool. His style is always kind of sci-fi, rock-star out if this world. You want to be that person that wears that leather jacket or that amazing leather dress. If I was a millionaire black metal singer (note: I don't think they excist) I would wear every single thing that he has made.

Rick Owens
This collection had some great draping, great leather as always and a super cool overall concept. Just like Gareth Pugh but on a different level, he makes everything so cool! Some of the outfits felt animal-like, like this Icelandic myth about a creature that is half-women and half-seal.

Ann Demeulemeester
These three designers must be the coolest designers on the planet. Ann Demeulemeester, Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens? If they would make the costumes for a sci-fi movie it would be the most beautiful and the most weird sci-fi movie ever. How grand is that deep-blue colour?

Yoji Yamamoto
I didn't like every piece from this collection but there was a definite Yamamoto feel to it with beautiful drapery, contrasting colours and capes!

Known as the rock-star label of choice after Christopher Decarnin took over as head designer and now Olivier Rousteing is taking it too another level with insane embroidery and impeccable details.

Sonia Rykiel
Rykiel being the French Queen of stripes I did miss seeing interesting coloured stripes this season. I can just imagine that peach colour with black and that yellow in stripes. But I did like the collection, it was more subtle and it had great colour combinations. I would so love that peach fur coat!

Isabel Marant
Really great lace dresses and blouses, trousers with embroidery and cowboy shirts? Looked lovely!


  1. These are awesome collections!
    My favorite is from Isabel Marant's.

    COme visit my blog and let's follow each
    other on GFC!

  2. Simply fantastic collections :)

    follow each other?

  3. Super cool! Love it!

  4. The Gareth Pugh collection is amazing <3