Sunday, February 26, 2012


Monki is a high street brand from Sweden and it has been pretty exclusive to Scandinavia over the past years. But finally, they opened a store in London at Carnaby Street! I didn't manage to come to the opening because I was working but I went today and it so awesome. The store is on 2 floors, it's got fabulous branding and merchandising and I literally want to buy every single item. They have this great concept of the Monki World which has really cute creatures called Monkis. The clothing is really cool, always on trend and reasonably priced. Even though it's not yet pay day I had to buy a couple of things!

Oki creature, Oki socks and Monki bra.

How cute is that? The Monki is called Oki and this is his description:

"Oki loves to tag along on impossible missions and he always makes sure that no one gives up. If you are looking for a shot of confidence, or a convenient answer, Oki will boost you up.
Secret talent: Can come up with the perfect cheer song just when you need one."

Buy yours here!

There are definitely some pieces I have my eyes on for pay day!


  1. <3 Monki!

  2. the moniki is too adorable

  3. Love all the sheer pieces! Especially that seafoam green tank - so chic!

  4. Cambridge bag giveaway on

  5. Love Monki & Love Sweden