Saturday, February 4, 2012

MA 2012 Exhibition at LCF

I went to the open day for MA courses at London College of Fashion and while I was there I saw the MA exhibition.

I love this collection. The patterns were beaded in India and the feel of all the beads are amazing. Check out Charlotte Simpson here.

Jie Feng designed this amazing jewellery and it looks like spiderwebs and up close you can see how delicate it is.

Yao Zhang designed this fascinating collection. Zhang used burned scars and blood stains as inspiration. The first jacket is dyed latex and the feel of the flowers are supposed to feel like scars on the skin. The second outfit first looks as it just got blood stains but when you look closer they are prints like shown on the 3rd picture.

I definitely recommend the exhibition and the collections from MA Fashion Design Technology most fascinated me and you can touch those garments and see how students are experimenting with techniques and fabric. Love it.


  1. What an amazing exhibit. I'd love to go!


  2. students of London College of Fashion do a really great job...
    nice work!

    : )