Thursday, February 2, 2012

Miss Red Socks is here!

First of all I have to tell you the story behind the name. I am not a fan of the Boston Red Sox, no, but I am a fan of basic red socks to wear on your feet. Yes. It was only 2 years ago that I graduated from university with a B.A. in fashion design. It was my graduation collection and I needed something to pump it up as the colours were mainly nudes and beiges. So I decided to pump it up with red socks. I had 8 outfits so I had to go and buy 8 red socks. Surprisingly it wasn't easy to get a hold of red socks 2 years ago in Iceland (which is where I am from) so I went to the expensive sock shop and found them there and bled a little bit when I bought them even though I squeezed a discount out of the sales assistant.

My graduation show was one show with my fellow classmates so there was no knowing clearly which was which but I told my family that I have the collection with the red socks! Even my 88 year old grandfather (who passed away that same year) came to the show and recognised my collection because of the red socks.

After a successful show I was stuck with 8 pairs of quality red socks so I decided to wear them! 2 years later and I am still wearing them and they last great, I tell you!

I did an internship last year here in London and I met this great girl who has become a good friend of mine and for obvious reasons she started nicknaming me red socks so officially now, I am Miss Red Socks and will be blogging about fashion and whatever I find interesting. Interested? Start following me on Bloglovin!


  1. I can believe it still!! finally one of us started a blog!! good job my dearest icelantic crazy girl! I will follow for sure!

  2. Good luck with your blog! the header looks fantastic. I started my own blog very recently as well. Hope you visit mine soon :)