Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First workday!

I'm terribly sorry for being a lazy blogger these past few days but there have been some huge changes in my daily life because I got a job as a design assistant for a supplier here in London. I'm over the moon about this so I will definitely be working hard for some time which is exciting because then I will be learning a lot and getting into my job. I will also try to be a good blogger and keep on posting interesting posts about current trends and what's happening in the fashion world. But the posts will be fewer, I'm not going to lie!

On a more personal note I decided to put together some kind of an image of what I wore today, for my first workday!

1. Cardigan by Jades 23.
2. Blouse by A.P.C.
3. Jeans by Topshop.
4. Socks by Topshop.
5. Shoes by Grenson.

I will be the first one to admit I didn't take many chances but I believe I was classy, on trend and with a twist! The actual blouse that I wore didn't really fit into this "moodboard" because the girl modelling it on the website doesn't really have the styling that I like. It's from Forever 21 and you can get it here. It looks much better in real life and I got so many compliments for it today!


  1. I adore the blouse and shoes, cute look! Major congrats on your new job also <3

  2. I love the pop of yellow with the socks! <3