Friday, February 17, 2012

NYFW Part 2

New York Fashion Week is over and I think there was a definite trend of bold colours (red!) and I think I saw colourful fur in at least 3 different collections which was a bit surprising but a fun twist.

Victoria Beckham. Very consistent, trying to prove herself without looking desperate. Simple cuts and nice colours.

ThreeAsFour. Origami feel of the patterns. Light colours.

Marchesa. Nice detail work and dramatic gowns.

Jeremy Scott. Colourful fur and comical knitwear.

Calvin Klein showing dark colours this season mixed with leather.

Anna Sui. In 2009 I was an intern at Anna Sui in New York for about 5 weeks and met such great people there. Anna herself is very serious about her work but she has a nice side to her. I wasn't super impressed by her latest collection but there were some nice outfits there and she is always true to herself, her concept of the brand and doesn't follow trends so much. These were my 3 favourite outfits from the collection.


  1. Great post!!

  2. victoria beckham rocked itttt! so great!